How My Decisions Will Be Made

My entire platform is on the basis of rationality, morality and the concerns of the citizens. Therefore, all of my plans can easily be changed if new information arises or if a large portion of the population is against a policy. I will never make a decision that is based upon special interest or my personal gain, which greatly separates me from several politicians. My family has been here for generations, so I truly just want what's best for the city.

Protect Local Businesses From Large Corporations

I'd like to place a slight tax on large corporations in order to fund benefits for local businesses founded here in Tallahassee. This will help stimulate Tallahassee's economy, because more funds will be directed towards local business owners instead of distant corporate workers.

Reduce Harmful Single-Use Items

As Florida's capitol, Tallahassee should be setting an example for the rest of the state. Therefore, it's important that we implement policies that limit the damage of our oceans and wildlife. My plan is to give benefits to businesses that use eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, styrofoam, etc. These benefits will be funded by a slight tax on businesses who decide to stick with unhealthy single-use items. Also, if a company can prove that they recycle a certain % of their plastics, or other harmful single-use products, then they won't be taxed as much.

Drug Addicts Need Help; Not Punishment

It's been largely proven that drug rehabilitation is far more effective and cheaper than sending addicts to jails filled with ex-drug dealers. This would be one of the very first problems that I'll be trying to fix, because the rationality and morality of our current practices is absolutely embarrassing.

Intertwine Our Infrastructure With Nature

Humans are the hardest animals to live among. If you go downtown, you won't see any other species besides ourselves. Much like the city of Singapore, I'd like to combine human creations with the natural beauty of nature. Not only will this be beneficial for other carbon-based life forms, but it will also make our buildings absolutely stunning. However finding extra money to fund these projects could be scarce, so I'm willing to donate a generous portion of my yearly salary towards these constructions.

Have Any Ideas?

I'd love to hear what you think! You can contact me through "" or you can send me a message through the "Contact" tab.


I want to make sure all students are fully educated on their rights, government and abilities to become financially independent, which is curriculum that our current education system greatly lacks.

Create A Diverse And Affordable Portfolio Of Energy

In order to keep energy costs fairly low, I'd like to maintain a diverse portfolio of energy sources hopefully consisting of wind, nuclear, solar and fossil fuels.

Lowering Crime Rates

It's no secret that drugs are one of the biggest contributors to crime. Since the War on Drugs in the 1970s, we've been trying to limit the sale of these substances by hunting down drug dealers; however, this plan has obviously failed, because drug usage and crime rates are still a huge problem in our society today. Therefore, it's time that we stop focusing on the vendors and start focusing on the consumers. If we get rid of criminals' customers, then they'll have to find customers elsewhere. So, how do we stop people from buying drugs? Well, drug rehabilitation and drug education are the best proven ways to lower drug usage, and they're much cheaper than drug enforcement, so that would be a great place to start.