I graduated from Leon High School in 2019, and my family has lived in Tallahassee for generations. I published my first political book when I was 17 and I write articles for an un-biased media network. I know that I'm quite younger than most candidates, however, I feel that my ability to create optimal solutions out of a vast variety of perspectives far out-weighs the experiences or education of my fellow candidates. My ideas are purely sourced from rationality and morality, so I don't confine my views in a limited category, which is what separates me from the average politician. Although I already have some great plans for our city, please do not hesitate to let me know what change you'd like to see! Overall, the lack of trust with our representatives is my biggest motivator for this entire campaign. Given that this city has done so much for myself and my family, it disturbed me to see that some of our elected officials were working for special interests instead of making decisions in favor of the people. I assure you that I truly want the absolute best for this city, which is why I'm more than willing to donate some of my yearly salary towards funding certain projects.
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